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    Westminster International University in Tashkent

    Director - WIUT Centre for Policy Research and Outreach (CPRO)


    Westminster International University in Tashkent


    Develop a strategy for the centre for the near term and long run to increase its ‘think-tank’ footprint and connect research with practice to inform policy and practice;
    Strengthen and develop new key research streams and links that will enable CPRO to have the greatest impact research, policy and outreach based on internationally rigorous standards of design, implementation and subsequent knowledge dissemination;
    Enable CPRO to pursue multidisciplinary research areas to serve as a bridge for with a large number of international organizations, local societies, local governments, research institutions and emerging young scholars;
    Establish and sustain a high-quality evidence-based research culture at CPRO;
    Develop a strong vision for fundraising and...

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