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Адрес работы: Бизнес центр
Адрес собеседования: Метро Ойбек

English Language teacher

Работодатель: RIKS Education (0 вакансий)


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Do you want teaching experience that will be an indispensable period in your career and will help you with your future plans and goals?

Working at RIKS Education is an exciting new and professional challenge in a unique friendly environment.
Teachers need to meet the following requirements:
· A pedagogical degree in English teaching /Linguistics/ from a university in Uzbekistan
· Teaching experience in groups and with individual students
· Ability to work in a team, managing lessons and students skillfully

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work in a team, managing lessons and students skillfully

Условия работы:

Why to work at RIKS Education
· Up-to-date program (Full package of Headway 4th edition with I tools)
· Innovative system · New technology (projectors used in our classes), Academic Support Team
· Modern premises · Improved facilities
· High quality of customer service
· Professional and dedicated team of teachers
· Good location of the office (Underground station “OYBEK”)
· Friendly staff, not just group of coworkers but RIKS is a big family
· Opportunity to visit foreign countries
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