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Trainer (тренер)

Работодатель: ИП ООО "MINISO HOME" (0 вакансий)

Мирабадкий район, ул.Ойбек, 18/1


Job requirements:
1. Good image, good affinity, Mandarin standard, smooth expression;
2. Bachelor degree or above, with two years of retail terminal training teaching experience preferred;
3. Can complete the training tasks independently;
4, according to the training needs, can independently research and develop courses, improve regional training tasks;
5, familiar with computers, projectors, audio equipment, skilled use of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other office software;
6, full of passion, strong affinity and appeal, need to be able to adapt to a regular short-term business trip.
7. Good at English & Russian languages


Job Responsibilities:
1. According to the department's annual training plan, conduct training on a monthly basis and complete regional training tasks;
2. According to the company's development needs, in accordance with the training task within a specified time, training the store personnel;
3, for the needs of market, set up shop manager training class, reserve store manager training class, basic staff training class, theme training class;
4. Follow up the growth of trainees after training, guide shops and trainees, collect training demand information, provide timely feedback, and have their own improvement insights;
5. Maintain the operation and management standards of the shops in the area under its jurisdiction, identify problems and guide them in a timely manner;
6. Maintain good communication with the head of department and corresponding department staff to jointly complete the company's sales goals.

Условия работы:

5 days per week Monday to Friday, official job placement due to Labor legislation of Republic of Uzbekistan, attractive salary will be offered.
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