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Person Hunters Recruitment Agency

Senior Expert In Representative Office in Tashkent

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Работодатель: Person Hunters Recruitment Agency (31 вакансия)

проспект Афросиаб 2


• Master, engineering school or business, or an equivalent university degree;
• Area of competence: specialization in one or two of the above-mentioned activity sectors or general specialization with an emphasis towards the mentioned sectors. Expertise in the financial sector will be an asset;
Minimum 5-10 years of experience.

Field of experience:
• Experience in identifying, studying, leading and managing international projects;
• Knowledge of the functioning of international financial institutions

Skills, qualities:
• Excellent communicative skills and ability to develop a network of local interlocutors;
• Very good organization of work and time;
• Excellent writing and analytical skills, good negotiation skills;
• High degree of adaptability, pragmatism;
• Mandatory knowledge of English, knowledge of French and Russian languages is very much appreciated



1.Support the Director in his\her operational and management activities, as well as the activities of the Representative Office itself.
2.Directly supervise one or several sectoral operations of the Representative Office in accordance with his/her own skills/experience.


1. Assist the Director in managing the tasks of the Representative Office

- Participate in the personnel formation and management.
- Implement control over the financial, legal, administrative, budgetary and accounting activities of the Representative Office;
- Contribute to ensuring the security of the Representative Office (personnel, property, activities): identify and track risks associated with its activities, ensure utilization of appropriate control elements and apply advanced risk management techniques;
- Ensure – jointly with the Embassy and the AFD Head Office – multi-year accommodation of the Representative Office in Tashkent in the premises that comply with AFD norms.

2. Promote the development of the operational activities of the Agency in the sectors of its jurisdiction
- Supervise the projects;
- Evaluate and monitor project implementation (including risk monitoring);
- Participate – jointly with the Head Office – in supporting project implementation units.

3. Represent AFD in the Agency's area of operations
- Establish and maintain relations with other actors and stakeholders at the local level (ministries, regional organizations, embassies, civil society, donors...);
- Represent AFD at external meetings, conferences and seminars, organized by the Agency;
- Facilitate sectoral dialogue and development of national sectoral policies.

4. Contribute to the intellectual production and communication activities of the Agency
- Prepare sectoral notes on the areas of his/her own jurisdiction;
- Supervise the monitoring of institutional, economic and social situation in local industry sectors, carried out by project managers;
- Contribute to the definition and development of the country's strategy;
- Supervise the development of the means of communication of the AFD Representative Office and its communication activities.

Условия работы:

- One-year contract, rolling
- Start of work: ideally, February/March 2019;
- Full-time employment;
- Possible business trips to Paris or Kazakhstan, frequent business trips within the country
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