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Person Hunters Recruitment Agency

Site Manager

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Работодатель: Person Hunters Recruitment Agency (20 вакансий)

проспект Афросиаб 2


Bachelor degree in Engineering.

At least five years related CMS experience with at least two years in manufacturing environment and/or two years of Chemical management or other on-site service experience.

Good communication skills in both Chinese and English, proficient computer skills.

Good people management skill.

Being able to work under pressure, independently.

Being self-motivated, highly discipline.


1. Customer Relations

Manage and grow customer relationships
Function as key liaison between Quaker and customer.
Develop a comprehensive customer strategy
Meet with key decision-makers and acquaint them to Quaker services
Participate plant meetings to address customer concerns and respond to customer requests
Regular reporting of QCMS activities and performance
Conduct ongoing communications with cross-section of customer community to define customer needs
Confer with Quaker team regarding project/improvement recommendations(Value Proposition)
Identify product and service potential
Assist Site Engineers in developing a business case
Work with customer chemical management team on development of potential chemical suppliers
Provide on-going feedback to customer regarding contract status and performance
Conduct customer satisfaction inquiries and surveys
Create contract renewal plan
Explore alternative revenue streams

2. Managing Human Resources

Determine strategic HR needs for business
Align HR needs with business needs and budget accordingly
Conduct interview and selection
Set clear goals and direction
Organize workload
Evaluate and report the performance of the on-site team
Analyze the current on-site team performance to identify areas for continuous improvements
Create and monitor development plans
Reward good performance
Observe associates on the job and provide feedback and direction
Coach and develop CMS team
Conduct staff meetings as appropriate

3. Financial Management

Conduct forecasting and budgeting
Establish aggressive/realistic profit goals
Perform P&L, cost analysis
Plan and execute budget
Develop efficiencies and processes
Communicate budget to associates
Prepare product detailed customer report
Perform abnormal billing
Reduce operating costs
Monitor progress of established metrics and compare budget vs. actual on an ongoing basis
Determine root cause and respond quickly to deviations
Fix the problem and document abnormalities
Communicate ideas to site and Quaker management

4. Managing Portfolio of Projects

Determine customer strategy
Review contract parameters
Establish project baselines
Assess and determine appropriate projects to expand customer portfolio
Develop, implement, and document project savings and discontinue non-value-added projects
Utilize Corporate/OEM resources and bring information to plant operations
Work with the Cooperate Global support team to provide technical support
Work with customers and on-site chemical management team to implement projects
Assess and mitigate project risks, maintain sufficiency plans for all projects
Track the status of projects against plans
Provide ongoing communications to customer and Quaker management
Develop business cases for chemical recommendations and chemical conversions
Assists to identify environmental aspect and hazard, ensures the activities compliance with local safety, environmental, and quality procedures.

5. Contract Management

Understands contract
Implement the contract activities
Insure all QCMS personnel and activities are in compliance with agreed legislation
Pay attention to the regulations of Environment Protection and waste treatment. Make sure the waste under the required specification
Supervise and work with Tier II suppliers
Develop and implement emergency control procedures for handling emergency and accidents in time
Negotiate internal/external for needed changes in resources to meet contract
Initiate/make recommendations for contract changes
Other relevant tasks assigned

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