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Адрес работы: Istiqbol, 12, Tashkent
Westminster International University in Tashkent

Academic Staff (Lecturer)

Работодатель: Westminster International University in Tashkent (0 вакансий)

Istiqbol Street 12



• Candidates are expected to hold a higher degree and Master's degree, preferably from an international institute of Higher Education HE.
• Candidates should be fluent in English either with 7 IELTS or a subject qualification taught and assessed in English as per the policy on Academic staff.


• Teaching experience in the HE sector and/or relevant work experience.
• Evidence of team working and contribution as a team member.


• The applicants will need to demonstrate their commitment, flexibility, passion and enthusiasm for the subject area.
• Be well organized and able to plan ahead and meet deadlines.
• Continually updating knowledge and understanding in the field or specialism. Extending, transforming and applying knowledge acquired.


To teach on a range of modules within the subject area on foundation, undergraduate, postgraduate levels, including the associated assessment setting, marking and review process in accordance with the University Quality Assurance and Enhancement process.
• Developing new teaching methods (including technological support) and designing programme units, and taking responsibility for the quality of programme units (Prepare and improve course materials, syllabi, assignments and handouts, Plan, evaluate and revise curricula, course content, course materials, and methods of instruction.)
• Maintain regularly scheduled office hours to advise and assist students.
• Keep abreast of developments in the relevant subject area and participate in professional seminars and conferences.
• Developing the research activities of the Department/Faculty by sustaining a personal research plan independently and/or in collaboration with others as part of a larger research team. Conduct research and present results in research seminars and conferences, publish outcomes in scholarly journals.
• Contribute to the efficient management and administration of the Faculty by: Performing such personal administrative duties throughout the Faculty as are recognized by the University as properly within the remit of the work of academic staff, as allocated by the Head of Subject Area. Such duties may include Faculty coordinating roles, for example, running the process of feedback collections, examinations, teaching quality assessment (peer-to-peer review), course presentations, promotion and marketing, parent's day presentations, quality of teaching auditing (annual monitoring).

Условия работы:





Minimum teaching workload for Full-time staff is 12 teaching hours per week defined by the university. Academic staff members should also be available to the students on dedicated office hours, conduct research, attend professional development events and contribute to the university development.
Part-time staff workloads will be calculated as a proportion of 12 hours per week.
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