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CNTIC (UZ) is a regional business management center set up by China National Technical Import and Export Corporation (CNTIC) in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Established in September 1952, China National Technical Import and Export Corporation (CNTIC) is a large scale state-owned enterprise with main businesses in technology trade, project contracting and project management integrated service. In 1998, the company became a wholly-owned subsidiary of China General Technology (Group) Holding Ltd. which is under direct supervision of the central government.

The main business of CNTIC includes import and export of key technologies and complete plants; domestic and overseas project contracting and project management; trade, tendering, commercial and technical consulting, investment and financing at home and abroad etc. It has strong ability in the fields of marketing, business integration, project management, project engineering, investing and financing. In the past 60 years, CNTIC has accumulatively completed the import of key technologies and equipments, international project contracting and export of complete plants and technologies for over 7,000 projects with total contract value of more than USD110 billion covering the areas of energy, transportation, communication, petrochemical, metallurgy, building materials, machinery, electronics, pharmaceuticals, agricultures, forestry and education etc.

In the various stages of China’s economic construction and development, CNTIC has been acting not only as the mainstay for the import of key technologies and equipments , but also an important service provider in the export of complete plants, international project contracting and project management. In the early period after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, CNTIC introduced the historically significant “156 Key Industrial Projects” laying a solid foundation for China’s modern industrial construction. Since China’s reform and opening-up to the outside world, CNTIC has undertaken a great number of power and energy, infrastructure construction, industrial construction and technological renovation projects in all economic sectors of the national economy, which greatly upgraded the nation’s technical level and improved the industrial structure.

In recent years, CNTIC has been speeding up its pace of transformation and upgrading by giving full play to its advantages of specialization and intensification as well as its brand advantage of technology trade; consolidating, expanding and innovating on the introduction of key technologies and complete plants. Meanwhile, by taking advantage of the sound reputation, extensive marketing networks and business channels that the company has been enjoying in the domestic and overseas markets, CNTIC has made tremendous achievements on the export of large complete plants and international project contracting, which has brought CNTIC onto the list of world largest 225 engineering contractors issued by American Engineering News Record (ENR).
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